Monday, March 2, 2009

Last weeks recap!

On Tuesday I had a dentist appointment. Had to have a root canal and it's been extremely painful. I'm still swollen and am seeing the dentist again today.
Then Thursday came around and it was time for my injection. This one hurt a little more than the ones in the past but my back is feeling much better today.
My son made the wrestling team two weeks ago. We spent 8 hours in search of wrestling shoes. Seems everyone else made the wrestling team too. He practices three times a week and then there are matches two nights a week. This has turned my schedule upside down in the evenings. We are finally adjusting. Next quarter he is trying out for baseball.
Both of the girls are going to play softball this summer. We have registration on the 7th. I'm so glad they have both shown an interest in a sport I played. I'm excited for summer and softball games!
My parents will be here in about 6 weeks for spring break. We will be opening the pool while they're here. I'm sure that water will be freezing cold but it will not stop the kids from swimming. They'll have blue lips and try to convince me the water isn't cold! LOL
I'm off to take the kids to bus stop. With the snow and winds it is too cold to let them stand out there. That's right! The beach has a dusting of snow, 2 hour school delay and people are driving like idiots! Stay warm and have a great week!