Sunday, December 28, 2008

A very Merry Christmas

My father in law was to arrive Tuesday evening and his flight was cancelled. Then a Wednesday flight was cancelled and he finally arrived late Christmas day. My mother in law arrived first from Berlin. She always brings lots of good stuff. This time she brought me salt and pepper grinders (the really nice ones you can only find in Berlin) and some striped socks. (I have a thing for crazy and unusual socks) The children received these little book type things with pencils, pens, ink cartridges and rulers in them. They had a Berlin bear attached. Apparently the husband always had these little books when he was a child. Then she unpacked the candy!!! She brought everyone their favorites. Huge Milka bars, kinder chocolate stars with 3 different kinds of kinder chocolates, Ritter Sport for the husband and even some chocolate with liquer in it. She also brought me a wisk that they do not sell here in the United States. It is going to help create wonderful gravy.
We had already been to our Christmas Eve church service and everyone was starving. While the husband and children were at the airport I made pasta primavera with tons of fresh veggies. My m-i-l loves coming to my home because I'm her daughter in law that loves to cook and everything is always fresh. We had a wonderful dinner. We let the children dig into their stockings. They were mainly filled with all their favorite candy.
My parents arrived about 2 on Christmas day. They had made sure there was a gift from each of them for the children to open immediately. My son received two x-box 360 wireless controllers and an Eskimo Jo long sleeve t-shirt. My daughters received a wii game from my dad and they already owned it. (this was my fault as I purchased it and had no idea they owned it) They both received their annual Eskimo Jo shirt. It's just not Christmas around here without a Jo's shirt. We snacked on a spinach/veggie dip, ranch dip, and shrimp dip with crackers, tortilla chips and vegetables until the father in law arrived.
The father in law was expecting to eat leftovers and was truly surprised to arrive to a full meal and knowledge that everyone had waited for his arrival to have Christmas dinner. Everything turned out perfect. We had turkey, dressing, ham, sweet potatoes, mashed potatoes, shoepeg corn casserole, broccoli and rice casserole, green beans with bacon, black eyed peas with bacon, hot rolls, pumpkin and pecan pies.
After dinner my mother pressured me into opening gifts. I wanted to wait until after our shopping spree on Friday. My sister sent each of the kids a crisp $100 bill. My mother gave the oldest daugher another $100 bill. She quickly informed us that "she was the richest kid on the block". My parents went in together and purchased my son a top of the line Diamondback trick bike. It was brought down from the attic with a big, red bow attached. His favorite color is green so naturally the bike is lime green. My youngest daughter has begged for an American Girl doll for months and one arrived that night. As a group they received wii fit and more wii remotes, guitar hero for x-box 360 with an extra guitar, and several new games.
I arranged for our parents to go in together for the husband's gift. He is the techy guy of our bunch and had asked for a Garmin navigation system with blue tooth and satellite radio. I'm left to purchase the special antenna needed for this gift. The husband was so shocked to see the gift I had convinced him he wouldn't be receiving! He was late to work on Friday because he was playing with it all in his car in the driveway.
Since we've moved over 1,000 miles from everyone we decided to give our parents digital picture frames. We loaded up my parent's frames with pictures prior to wrapping. We left the husband's parents blank since they are more than capable of loading their own photos once they are home.
Friday morning we all got up and headed out for a day of shopping. The oldest daughter found some great deals on clothing. (I promise this is what she wanted to spend her money on) She ended up with nine shirts, 4 pairs of jeans and a jacket for right at $100. We searched many stores for the scooter she wanted but could not find one in stock. Both my son and youngest daughter went to purchase custom built skate boards with their money.
Saturday we were more determined to find a scooter. First we set out to get me a new bike I'd been eyeing for a few months. My parents noticed me looking at it on Friday and took me back to purchase it on Saturday. Today I'm the proud owner of a new bicycle. I've never owned one with speeds and all that. I was always a tom boy with a dirt bike and trick bike. Thankfully the husband always had bikes like this and will be able to show me what I'm clueless about. The guy at the bike shop suggested we try Pep Boys for the scooter. Sure enough, we walked in and they had two! They even offered my father a senior citizen's discount so he bought the two year warranty. The oldest daugher was really going to be happy now. Next we headed to mall for a gift from my father to my husband. I had planned to pay for part of this gift but my father would have no part of it. The husband received 4 pairs of slacks, a new brown belt, a dress shirt and 4 new ties. The best part was he couldn't get mad at me because I hadn't paid for any of it! (husband hates receiving clothes!)
After a day of shopping I did not want to prepare dinner. We decided to order barbeque. My father and I went to pick it up. We had 2 whole, smoked chicken, 2 racks of ribs, 2lbs. pulled pork, coleslaw, beans and garlic bread. We also grabbed some fried pickles and corn nuggets. I was worried we wouldn't have enough food and now we have plenty of leftovers. We ended the night with the kids playing wii and most of the adults in the hot tub relaxing.
My in-laws caught a plane back home at 6 a.m. this morning. I wish they could have stayed longer! How many daughter in laws do you know that say that??? I love them and their visits never last long enough. My parents will be here through New Years. Today we plan to go to the second service at church and relax the rest of the day away while the kids ride skateboards and scooters.
I will not be relaxing. Everywhere I look I see trash or gifts in piles and I cannot stand it any longer. While everyone else is comfy and lounging I will be picking up my home so that the tornado look disappears. We had a wonderful Christmas and that funky guy named Santa (who has nothing to do with Christmas) was really good to us. It was a real blessing to have both of our parents here this year. I hope everyone else had a Merry Christmas too!

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

The fourth attempt...

I'm not sure if it's safari or blogger but one of them keeps freezing mid post. I'm busy baking and preparing for my family to arrive. My f-i-l's flight was cancelled today so it looks like he'll be arriving tomorrow at the same time as my m-i-l. This gives me an extra day to look organized. I'll try to get back tonight and post one more blog before Christmas. I hope everyone has a wonderful holiday with the people they love. 

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

More on the Pampered Wife

I've been pretty torn as to how to proceed with who the pampered wife REALLY is. You see, I stopped where things turn from bad to worse. I'm not sure I'm ready to tell the rest of the story just yet. I'm not sure I know how to tell the story. It opens wounds I've since thought healed. I'm drawn here daily to tell my story, to have my say in my own little space in this big world yet am unsure how to go forth with the rest of the story. I do want to post it soon. Before the family arrives for Christmas. I want it to be told, over and done with. I'm ready to move on and it's part of my plan for 2009.

I went to live with my father shortly after turning 18. All of that side of the family lived on quite a bit of property. My aunt and uncle were next door and my grandparents had acres in front of us. My father was losing his business after years of success. I had finally taken the plunge and moved in with him. We both had high hopes and expectations. His were for me to finish school and go to college. Mine were for me to finally have my father and to receive some guidance from my parents. I did finish high school and enrolled in college. Living with a parent you haven't lived with in over 12 years is difficult. It's almost as if you are complete strangers. My father and I butted heads daily sometimes hourly. Nothing I did was good enough and I now realize his stress was more than he could handle. We survived but damaged our relationship. I would go out partying after work and not come home. He expected a phone call and I thought I was old enough to do as I pleased. He'd come to the house I was staying at and drag me home only for me to rebel more. Six months before my 19th birthday I found out I was pregnant. My father told me I had to live on my own and if I was going to do grown up things I was going to have responsibility of a grown up! I quickly found an apartment in town. My mom came to town and we began cleaning up the apartment I had rented. We swept roaches out of the kitchen cabinets with brooms. I'd never even seen a cock roach before! My father and his girlfriend donated a sofa, entertainment center, matching end tables and a coffee table, a few mirrors to hang on the wall. A friend of mine who had raised children while single took me each Saturday to garage sales to complete the rest of my home. My grandparents had bought me a waterbed. I continued to work up until the day my son was born. Each week I'd buy something new for my home. A crib, pack n play, high chair, diaper bag, decorations for a baby room, infant seat for my car. My grandmother bought me all matching china and we made the decorations that hung in my kitchen. Before long I had a home, a real home. I never told who my baby's father was. It was something I did not want to tell and avoided the question at all costs. It turned brutally cold, my blood pressure went up and before I knew it I was in labor. My two best friends were by my side. My sister, mother, father, and grandparents were all there. My grandfather kept sending the message in for me to hurry up his car was going to get dirty when it snowed. This was super funny to me. You've read the love I have for this man. I'm in pain wishing with everything I've got to have this baby and he is worried his car is going to get dirty. Finally 22 hours later we had a healthy baby boy. I gave him a biblical name that most do not know and of course named him after my grandfather. My grandfather would not let me go back to work after my boy was born. He was firm when he said I belonged at home with my child. My grandparents agreed to pay my bills until my boy was a little older. I spent everyday with my grandparents. I helped my grandmother make lunch and my father would join us on most days. I also made sure my stubborn grandfather made it to all his dr. appointments. They were there for me and I tried my best to be there for them. Life went on and I was happy, content but wanted to work and support myself. My grandfather finally agreed to let me get a part time job if I'd let them keep the baby while I worked. This worked out really well. They were the most influential people in my life and they were bonding with my son. A friend of mine (his parents went to school with my parents) came over to see us one night and he called me out on the paternity of my son. He knew not because I'd told but because my son looked like this man and we'd all grown up together. I made the phone call I had never planned to make and suddenly he was coming to meet his son, my baby. We met, we talked, we both were dating other people and our lives were great the way they were. I was happy, he was happy and knew I was a great mother. We went our separate ways. I never asked for child support. I didn't want it or need. Independent I was! Over the next several months he would call and check in. Months went by this way and suddenly he was calling me wanting to try a relationship. This is something we had never done. Eventually he moved into my home and things seemed to be going well. Within a very short time I was pregnant with my birth control baby! I continued to work, we moved out of the town I grew up in, and soon my sweet baby girl was born. Throughout my pregnancy I kept finding out these little nuggets of information about this man I had come to love.The kind of things no woman wants to know about the man she loves. Drug addict(I'm not talking marijuana here), compulsive liar, thief, you name it. Due to my own broken home growing up I stayed and we had another child together. Most of our relationship (if you can call it that) was him on the run and me supporting children and being mommy. I was determined to get the straight, clean man back that I once knew. It had taken me several years to realize that he was spiraling further and further away. I moved to my family's homestead and broke away. I got a job, put my children into daycare and we had peace in our home. It was the hardest thing I've ever done. Putting up a wall and walking away while loving someone is difficult. But I was determined to make it on my own and rise above the situation. I did just that! To be continued...

Monday, December 15, 2008

The Bible and Your Birthday

The husband's aunt sent me this. http://WWW.birthverse.Com/mybirthverse.cfm

Here is mine:

Isaiah 12:4 NIV
In that day you will say: “Give thanks to the LORD, call on his name; make known among the nations what he has done, and proclaim that his name is exalted.

You are a child of God, His treasured possession. He created you in His own image. He chose the day for you to be born. He has a plan and a purpose for your life. Cherish your birthverse.

Just thought I'd share. 

I love my husband and children BUT...

There are two things I've loved since way before they were in my lives. I'm going to try to explain those loves. First up is Mickey Mouse. Before I was a year old my Aunt H took her children to Disneyworld for vacation. She brought me home a dress that had Mickey Mouse on it. That Mickey Mouse was an embroidered thing that my mother ended up taking off the dress, transferring to jeans and many other things as I grew. My Aunt H collected Mickey Mouse and quickly realized I loved him too. Every year for my birthday and Christmas some new mickey item would arrive in my hands. I've loved him as long as I can remember. He is everywhere in my home. I have pajamas with mickey on them, a stuffed one sits on my nightstand that plays the harmonica, my built in shelves in my living room have many ceramic Mickey Mouse collectibles, then comes the Christmas tree, and the inflatables in my yard at Christmas time. At one time we had a bathroom that was all done in Mickey Mouse. The husband finally put his foot down and said that Mickey Mouse could not be the decor of the entire house. Maybe I need therapy! LOL
 The love of red was something my grandfather and I shared. He simply loved it's brightness. He has been the most important male role model in my life. He was a simple man with a heart the size of Texas. He was raised in an even smaller town in Oklahoma than the one I grew up in. His father was a blacksmith and his mother did ALL the housework and prepared meals for more than 7 children. My grandfather left home the summer after he finished 8th grade. He joined something called CC camp. That brought him to the town where he would eventually meet my grandmother and settle down to raise a family. He was  in WWII and shot in the arm and in a German hospital for many months before returning home by ship. He worked at a local dairy as a cream taster for several years. He could never drink milk in my lifetime due to this job. He had become a plumber in his off hours and did work in trade for people around town. This led to a job at the post office. He was the maintenance director. He worked there for 35 years and they offered him a great early retirement. He took it and they bought a 20 something foot travel trailer and set out to see the country. Then I was born. My grandmother says that I stole his heart and he never wanted to travel too far for too long because he would miss me. She always teased that I ruined her traveling plans. 
 My grandfather told fascinating stories about his childhood, riding horses, playing instruments with his brothers for money and just plain country living in general. When I questioned my adoption he explained to me that my parents had prayed for a child for many years and when I was adopted God had miraculously changed my blood and DNA to match his so I was no longer adopted but HIS family. I was about 6 years old and suddenly knew I fit in well with him. I went everywhere he went. We worked on tractors, motorcycles, mowed the pasture together. He was the one who had to explain to me that I was a girl because I did all the boy stuff. 
 One day it had rained all morning and by afternoon there was a beautiful rainbow. I asked him to take me for a drive and he did. We must have driven around for close to an hour when he finally asked, "Where are we going?". I answered calmly that we were driving to the end of the rainbow to get the gold. He laughed and drove me around for about another 30 minutes while explaining that there was no end to that rainbow and no gold to be found. He always took time for me and understood me better than anyone. 
 Back to the red. He painted everything red. His hammers, wrenches, sockets, EVERYTHING! It drove my uncle and father crazy that everything had to be red. His trucks were always red too. I share that same love for the color. It's bright, bold and reminds me of this wonderful man who taught me so much in life. 
 Just yesterday after spending a small fortune on this Christmas tree we were driving down the street and there stood a man with a dog begging for money. His dog was dressed in some kind of Christmasy looking stuff. It appeared to be some old tree skirt that he had made into an outfit for his dog. I've always had a soft spot for those less fortunate. As we drove down the street heading home I grabbed the husband's hand and held it tight. Tears began to stream down my face. I was humbled at how much I have and how awful it is that here in our country we have people who are hungry. As I sobbed I explained to my husband the words that will remain with me the rest of my life... Do they not bleed just like me, do their hearts not ache just like mine, do their tummies not hurt when they get hungry just like mine? The husband looked at me, grabbed my hand tightly and said these are just some of the reasons that I love you so much. My grandfather was a wonderful man who taught me the important things in life, the very things that make me the woman I am today. I will always love him and wish I could have just one more day with him. I wish my husband and daughters could have met him. 

I feel like it's Christmas time.

 Yesterday we decided to FINALLY go find our Christmas tree. A few of our neighbors had purchased Home Depot trees and they looked really skinny this year. We decided to head out to Granny's. I collected directions from a neighbor and we were on our way. We get to Granny's and the husband tells them he wants a BIG tree. They direct us over towards an eleven foot tree. Yes, I said 11 feet!!! And guess what we brought home? That gigantic tree. We bring it home and our tree stand will not hold it. Off to find a tree stand. The husband and son ended up going to Home Depot, Lowes, Wal-mart and Tarjay. We now have a tree that is standing beautifully in our entryway. It smells wonderful and is beginning to really fluff out this morning. I had to cut some off the top so that our tree topper wasn't hidden between a ceiling and the staircase. We will be decorating tonight. I voiced my concern of not having enough ornaments to my father who told me to"just decorate what can be seen". LOL 
  Last year for my birthday the husband bought me a collectible Disney Through the Years train set. It's one of those sets that they bill you and then a piece arrives. It has taken all year to get the tracks, 1920, 1930, 1940, 1950 and 1960 cars. I was billed this month so 1970 should arrive soon. This has become an expensive train but I love it! 
 The husband will tease me if I don't mention that this entire tree will be strung with red lights first, then will come the five strands of Mickey Mouse lights and every ornament is Mickey Mouse/Disney (but no princesses as I am NOT a girly girl). The tree topper is Mickey holding mistletoe over Minnie's head. My Mickey Mouse tree skirt was ruined a few years ago and I'm certain my Santa Mama will be bringing a personalized Mickey Mouse tree skirt. Hey, they asked for a wish list and they knew it would include Mickey. I should also mention here that the husband has told my children they cannot go to Disneyworld because Mommy may run off with Mickey Mouse. As if I don't realize it's just a man under the suit. My children think this is hilarious and tell everyone!
 I hung the stockings this morning! I even stuffed a few things in there. I noticed my Mickey Mouse stocking is looking a bit worn after 12 years. I hope they have some left the day after Christmas at the Disney store. 
 I made it to the Fresh Market yesterday to buy my hazelnuts. Hazelnuts are expensive! They were $9.99/pound. Are these stores in other states? If you have one, you must go! They have some really rare items and everything is fresh. The husband was suckered into buying a cake for $18.99. When I objected our little Busy Bee (the youngest daughter) told me it was on sale! I ended up with  a caramel pecan cheesecake that was fantastic! My cheesecake was a piece not an entire cheesecake.  They carry a lot of German products. One in particular is Dr. Oetker. I purchased some vanilla sugar so I'd have plenty for these german cookies. $75 later we were on our way.  
 We stopped at Target for a coffee grinder to grind those hazelnuts. I found one that is red and matches my kitchen aid mixer. Are you beginning to notice that I love two things? Red and Mickey Mouse! I did not get any of my baking started as it was 9 o'clock by the time the tree was in it's spot and everyone had dinner. Today is my laundry day so I'm thinking I'll bake on Wednesday or Thursday. The husband will be home one of those days to help with the German cookie I've never seen. 
 Oh! I charged the battery for my new camera and took a couple of pictures with it. I love it but will love it more once I really get comfortable with it. This is the first real camera I've owned. I have three digital cameras but none of this nature. Expect pictures to show up this week as I begin my journey of learning to photograph the things I love. 

Sunday, December 14, 2008

The Parents are all coming!

 The husband's father will arrive from Oklahoma on December 23rd. His mother arrives from Berlin on December 24th and my parents arrive on Christmas day around 1 p.m.  This is the first Christmas we have spent with all our parents since we left Oklahoma. The children are really excited that everyone will be here. Since everyone is flying in we will be doing most of our shopping the day after Christmas. Both sets of grandparents are bringing one gift with them and the rest will be bought later. Of course there will be stockings to devour on Christmas morning. 
 I will start baking today! First up is a german cookie I've never made before but the husband has requested that I make them. I have to buy a coffee grinder this morning because the recipe calls for ground hazelnuts and that is not something you find in your typical American grocery store. Then I must be careful not to make hazelnut paste. Wish me luck... this should be fun! I've never seen this cookie after it was prepared but have been told it should look similar to a crescent roll and about the size of your pinky finger. Not to mention the entire recipe is in grams. Good thing I own a scale. I will also be making divinity, reese's bar cookies, turtle temptations, lemon bars, almond pound cake, and decadent carrot cake. Most of this will go to my wonderful neighbors here on Wisteria Lane and of course a goody box to the husband's employees. I'm still in search of my recipe for the bar cookies that calls for a yellow cake mix, chocolate chips, and toffee bits. I've yet to uncover it here in my home. Anyone know of this recipe?
 I ordered all our parents digital photo frames for Christmas. They should arrive in the next few days. The husband has already decided I ordered the wrong ones and is on a mission to return them and buy the ones he thinks are better quality. I'm also sending calendar books to all my sister in laws and parents. Our one aunt is the only one that remembers everyone's dates so she's sending me an e-mail with all the dates and I'll be filling them in for everyone. I think it's important in this digital age that we not forget how fulfilling a card can be on one's anniversary or birthday. Okay so I'm a bit old fashion. Yes, I make my children fill out thank you cards too. 
 As far as spending and all the stuff this site was suppose to be about... well, I have only put one thing on credit and that was only because the parents are helping to pay for it and I had to get it ordered. I did NOT get to order the Angel Food Ministries boxes this month. The deadline came and went, I was heavily medicated and forgot to place our order. Another post to follow about that drama. January is a new year and I promise there will more thriftiness in the posts that show up here in that month.

Friday, December 5, 2008

This is me, who are you? Courtesy of the Oklahoma Farm Girl

I am_______________

Loyal, picky, never as organized as I'd like to be, a Mickey Mouse lover, honest, caring, and a wild child at heart. Thankfully God blessed me with three children to slow down that wild side and help motivate me to get a grip. I have survived things that would make most people's head spin. These things have made me who I am and I'm proud to say I'm a survivor!

I live_______________

In the very southern tip of VIrginia. I can almost touch North Carolina

I work______________

at home. This is the most stressful, frustrating job I've ever had but is the most rewarding and important job I'll ever have.

My favorite___________

Food: Haha I love food. But it must be well prepared with fresh ingredients. (told ya I was picky) True mexican food (no tex mex here), german, sushi, italian, umm the list could go on forever
Place: Hawaii or any place with the people I love

My inspiration___________

 I'm inspired by many things. My husband daily. Not only did he believe in me when he witnessed my whole world collapsing around me but he told me he meant forever and has proven that in every way. He restored my faith in the male species. He reminded me that my word is everything. That it doesn't matter what others think of me, what is important is that I love myself. That my past is my past and to leave it there. Never forget where I came from but be grateful I never have to go back there. I could talk forever about what a wonderful man I married.
 Then there is my grandmother. She is/was a Bible thumping, prayer warrior, and has been my best friend through it all. She now suffers from Alzheimer's and our wonderful moments are far and few between. However, the things she instilled in me all those years ago are still with me. I'm thankful she is not suffering but irritated that my best friend's mind no longer comprehends the things it once did. I selfishly want more time with her and definitely had more to learn from her.  
 My birth mother. She unselfishly gave me to people who could take care of me. This must have been a very difficult task. I've been pregnant, felt a baby kick within my womb and there is no way I could have given my baby away. Yet she did it and she did it with my best interests at heart. I hope one day to see her face to face and say "thank you". I want her to know that she can have peace with her decision and that I will always love her for her bravery. 


I'm all over the place in this category. I love it all. I'll list a few and you'll get the picture...AC/DC, Rod Stewart, Andrea Bocelli, Air Supply, Finger Eleven, Aerosmith, Jars of Clay, Metallica, Queen, INXS, The Beatles, Tom Jones, Huey Lewis and the News, Def Leopard, Casting Crowns, Katy Perry, Petra, One Bad Pig, Alabama, George Strait. I think you understand.


I do open my Bible frequently tho not as much as I should. I have three books on my nightstand and I'm about halfway through each of them. I really should learn to start one and finish it before picking up another.


Within my home there is the husband, the son, daughter 1 and daughter 2. We also have a golden lab and an albino leopard gecko. I love the gecko. The husband and kids love the dog.


I'm assuming this means things that are close to my heart and important to me. 
Breast Cancer Awareness. Every woman should know that a mammogram is not enough anymore. Inflammatory breast cancer will strike 10,000 woman this year and a mammogram will NOT detect it. The symptoms are different than a lump. Do your research and pay attention to your body.  My mother is a survivor and my great aunt fought more than 10 years before it took her life in 2006.
I have a heart for the needy in MY country. Yes, the great United States of America. I get very angry at all these commercials begging me to send my money to other countries. We have starving children right here in our country. We have children who live without food and clothing. Some live in a home without running water! RIGHT HERE IN OUR COUNTRY!!!  Stop sending money to those other countries and help your own! This doesn't mean my heart doesn't go out to those children in those other countries but we must take care of our own FIRST!
There are thousands of teens out there having babies without the resources to teach them how to continue their education and raise their children. They can put food on the table, provide shelter and nurture a child. Many of these young girls just need to be shown that their lives are not over because a baby is involved.
I blog__________________

My blog began because my finances needed a major overhaul but I've found it very therapeutic for my soul. So I will eventually get back to my finances and all that dreaded junk. I'm enjoying just venting and meeting some great people in the process.


I desperately want to have another child. We've been working on that for 5 years. I want to go back to school and study homeopathic medicine and nutrition. I dream of the days when our children are grown, we can travel to Europe yearly, and enjoy grandchildren that I get to spoil and send home to their mommy and daddy! At the same time I'd love to keep my children at the ages they are now because I know all too quickly they'll be grown.


I'm more of a piercing kinda girl. Tattoos are so permanent. I have 5 holes in my ears and my tongue has a hole in it as well. I'm pretty conservative most of the time so I wear a flesh colored barbell. However, I have my moments where you might find me with a black light sensitive barbell or a hot pink one. My tongue piercing is something very dear to me and marks an end to one chapter and the beginning of another. Only a certain type of person can understand that and I'm cool if you do and cool if you don't. Just don't judge!


Well, that's me. Who are you???? (song by The Who)

Thursday, December 4, 2008

It's My Party and I'll cry if I want to...

 So I'm another year older and hopefully a little wiser. No, I'm not really crying! The husband and children woke me up bright and early to sing Happy Birthday and deliver their gifts. They made me a card and my son drew Mickey Mouse on it. Anyone who knows me knows that I LOVE Mickey. They bought me a Nikon D-40 with all kinds of attachments. In my sleepy state I did NOT get to really look at it all. I know there is a bag, another lens, an adapter for my pc, and a sd card (I think that's right). I have lots of homework to do before I start taking pictures. The husband took me to the Bux for a pumpkin spice latte and the espresso machine was broken!!! I can't say I was all that surprised. Read on to hear of my MIA UPS package...
 My mother and sister always send me presents on my birthday. They get together and package it all. Then it's at least a 20 minute drive to the UPS store. Well, this year they got together with my father the day after Thanksgiving for breakfast and had the brilliant idea of getting him to drop off the package. My father is normally very thorough. However, he only has a receipt with no tracking number, it was suppose to be shipped/delivered in two days, and UPS can't help me without a tracking number. I'm anxiously waiting for the UPS man to show up today so I can get over being frustrated and worried that my package is lost.  I can't tell my mom the package didn't get shipped two day or she'll shoot my father. So here I sit trying to be patient.
 In other news, I FINALLY hired an attorney to represent me in my auto accident that the insurance company refuses to pay me for.  Today I will be running from doctors office to doctors office trying to get letters and statements. Wish me luck and if you pray, please say a small one for my UPS package. Hope everyone has a great day!