Sunday, December 14, 2008

The Parents are all coming!

 The husband's father will arrive from Oklahoma on December 23rd. His mother arrives from Berlin on December 24th and my parents arrive on Christmas day around 1 p.m.  This is the first Christmas we have spent with all our parents since we left Oklahoma. The children are really excited that everyone will be here. Since everyone is flying in we will be doing most of our shopping the day after Christmas. Both sets of grandparents are bringing one gift with them and the rest will be bought later. Of course there will be stockings to devour on Christmas morning. 
 I will start baking today! First up is a german cookie I've never made before but the husband has requested that I make them. I have to buy a coffee grinder this morning because the recipe calls for ground hazelnuts and that is not something you find in your typical American grocery store. Then I must be careful not to make hazelnut paste. Wish me luck... this should be fun! I've never seen this cookie after it was prepared but have been told it should look similar to a crescent roll and about the size of your pinky finger. Not to mention the entire recipe is in grams. Good thing I own a scale. I will also be making divinity, reese's bar cookies, turtle temptations, lemon bars, almond pound cake, and decadent carrot cake. Most of this will go to my wonderful neighbors here on Wisteria Lane and of course a goody box to the husband's employees. I'm still in search of my recipe for the bar cookies that calls for a yellow cake mix, chocolate chips, and toffee bits. I've yet to uncover it here in my home. Anyone know of this recipe?
 I ordered all our parents digital photo frames for Christmas. They should arrive in the next few days. The husband has already decided I ordered the wrong ones and is on a mission to return them and buy the ones he thinks are better quality. I'm also sending calendar books to all my sister in laws and parents. Our one aunt is the only one that remembers everyone's dates so she's sending me an e-mail with all the dates and I'll be filling them in for everyone. I think it's important in this digital age that we not forget how fulfilling a card can be on one's anniversary or birthday. Okay so I'm a bit old fashion. Yes, I make my children fill out thank you cards too. 
 As far as spending and all the stuff this site was suppose to be about... well, I have only put one thing on credit and that was only because the parents are helping to pay for it and I had to get it ordered. I did NOT get to order the Angel Food Ministries boxes this month. The deadline came and went, I was heavily medicated and forgot to place our order. Another post to follow about that drama. January is a new year and I promise there will more thriftiness in the posts that show up here in that month.


Oklahoma Farmgirl said...

WOW!!! Everything sounds wonderful. Have a fabulously fun time baking. Good luck with the new recipe. I know you will do fine & everything will be wonderful. Many years ago when my son as little I did all that kind of thing. I really enjoyed it but now it isn't as much fun just for me. But I love the memories.

Take care dear girl & have a fabulously beautiful week.

Blessed be...

Ravn... said...

I realy like getting a card in the mail. It is so much more personalized than an e-mail.
makes u feel special:)