Friday, December 5, 2008

This is me, who are you? Courtesy of the Oklahoma Farm Girl

I am_______________

Loyal, picky, never as organized as I'd like to be, a Mickey Mouse lover, honest, caring, and a wild child at heart. Thankfully God blessed me with three children to slow down that wild side and help motivate me to get a grip. I have survived things that would make most people's head spin. These things have made me who I am and I'm proud to say I'm a survivor!

I live_______________

In the very southern tip of VIrginia. I can almost touch North Carolina

I work______________

at home. This is the most stressful, frustrating job I've ever had but is the most rewarding and important job I'll ever have.

My favorite___________

Food: Haha I love food. But it must be well prepared with fresh ingredients. (told ya I was picky) True mexican food (no tex mex here), german, sushi, italian, umm the list could go on forever
Place: Hawaii or any place with the people I love

My inspiration___________

 I'm inspired by many things. My husband daily. Not only did he believe in me when he witnessed my whole world collapsing around me but he told me he meant forever and has proven that in every way. He restored my faith in the male species. He reminded me that my word is everything. That it doesn't matter what others think of me, what is important is that I love myself. That my past is my past and to leave it there. Never forget where I came from but be grateful I never have to go back there. I could talk forever about what a wonderful man I married.
 Then there is my grandmother. She is/was a Bible thumping, prayer warrior, and has been my best friend through it all. She now suffers from Alzheimer's and our wonderful moments are far and few between. However, the things she instilled in me all those years ago are still with me. I'm thankful she is not suffering but irritated that my best friend's mind no longer comprehends the things it once did. I selfishly want more time with her and definitely had more to learn from her.  
 My birth mother. She unselfishly gave me to people who could take care of me. This must have been a very difficult task. I've been pregnant, felt a baby kick within my womb and there is no way I could have given my baby away. Yet she did it and she did it with my best interests at heart. I hope one day to see her face to face and say "thank you". I want her to know that she can have peace with her decision and that I will always love her for her bravery. 


I'm all over the place in this category. I love it all. I'll list a few and you'll get the picture...AC/DC, Rod Stewart, Andrea Bocelli, Air Supply, Finger Eleven, Aerosmith, Jars of Clay, Metallica, Queen, INXS, The Beatles, Tom Jones, Huey Lewis and the News, Def Leopard, Casting Crowns, Katy Perry, Petra, One Bad Pig, Alabama, George Strait. I think you understand.


I do open my Bible frequently tho not as much as I should. I have three books on my nightstand and I'm about halfway through each of them. I really should learn to start one and finish it before picking up another.


Within my home there is the husband, the son, daughter 1 and daughter 2. We also have a golden lab and an albino leopard gecko. I love the gecko. The husband and kids love the dog.


I'm assuming this means things that are close to my heart and important to me. 
Breast Cancer Awareness. Every woman should know that a mammogram is not enough anymore. Inflammatory breast cancer will strike 10,000 woman this year and a mammogram will NOT detect it. The symptoms are different than a lump. Do your research and pay attention to your body.  My mother is a survivor and my great aunt fought more than 10 years before it took her life in 2006.
I have a heart for the needy in MY country. Yes, the great United States of America. I get very angry at all these commercials begging me to send my money to other countries. We have starving children right here in our country. We have children who live without food and clothing. Some live in a home without running water! RIGHT HERE IN OUR COUNTRY!!!  Stop sending money to those other countries and help your own! This doesn't mean my heart doesn't go out to those children in those other countries but we must take care of our own FIRST!
There are thousands of teens out there having babies without the resources to teach them how to continue their education and raise their children. They can put food on the table, provide shelter and nurture a child. Many of these young girls just need to be shown that their lives are not over because a baby is involved.
I blog__________________

My blog began because my finances needed a major overhaul but I've found it very therapeutic for my soul. So I will eventually get back to my finances and all that dreaded junk. I'm enjoying just venting and meeting some great people in the process.


I desperately want to have another child. We've been working on that for 5 years. I want to go back to school and study homeopathic medicine and nutrition. I dream of the days when our children are grown, we can travel to Europe yearly, and enjoy grandchildren that I get to spoil and send home to their mommy and daddy! At the same time I'd love to keep my children at the ages they are now because I know all too quickly they'll be grown.


I'm more of a piercing kinda girl. Tattoos are so permanent. I have 5 holes in my ears and my tongue has a hole in it as well. I'm pretty conservative most of the time so I wear a flesh colored barbell. However, I have my moments where you might find me with a black light sensitive barbell or a hot pink one. My tongue piercing is something very dear to me and marks an end to one chapter and the beginning of another. Only a certain type of person can understand that and I'm cool if you do and cool if you don't. Just don't judge!


Well, that's me. Who are you???? (song by The Who)

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Oklahoma Farmgirl said...

Hey, thanks for playing!! Now I know you a bit better. It is amazing how much alike we are. Guess it's an Okie Gal thang LOL! I fully understand the piercing & what it represents. That's what tattoing does for me.

Take care dear girl & have a fabulous weekend.

Blessed be...