Monday, December 15, 2008

I feel like it's Christmas time.

 Yesterday we decided to FINALLY go find our Christmas tree. A few of our neighbors had purchased Home Depot trees and they looked really skinny this year. We decided to head out to Granny's. I collected directions from a neighbor and we were on our way. We get to Granny's and the husband tells them he wants a BIG tree. They direct us over towards an eleven foot tree. Yes, I said 11 feet!!! And guess what we brought home? That gigantic tree. We bring it home and our tree stand will not hold it. Off to find a tree stand. The husband and son ended up going to Home Depot, Lowes, Wal-mart and Tarjay. We now have a tree that is standing beautifully in our entryway. It smells wonderful and is beginning to really fluff out this morning. I had to cut some off the top so that our tree topper wasn't hidden between a ceiling and the staircase. We will be decorating tonight. I voiced my concern of not having enough ornaments to my father who told me to"just decorate what can be seen". LOL 
  Last year for my birthday the husband bought me a collectible Disney Through the Years train set. It's one of those sets that they bill you and then a piece arrives. It has taken all year to get the tracks, 1920, 1930, 1940, 1950 and 1960 cars. I was billed this month so 1970 should arrive soon. This has become an expensive train but I love it! 
 The husband will tease me if I don't mention that this entire tree will be strung with red lights first, then will come the five strands of Mickey Mouse lights and every ornament is Mickey Mouse/Disney (but no princesses as I am NOT a girly girl). The tree topper is Mickey holding mistletoe over Minnie's head. My Mickey Mouse tree skirt was ruined a few years ago and I'm certain my Santa Mama will be bringing a personalized Mickey Mouse tree skirt. Hey, they asked for a wish list and they knew it would include Mickey. I should also mention here that the husband has told my children they cannot go to Disneyworld because Mommy may run off with Mickey Mouse. As if I don't realize it's just a man under the suit. My children think this is hilarious and tell everyone!
 I hung the stockings this morning! I even stuffed a few things in there. I noticed my Mickey Mouse stocking is looking a bit worn after 12 years. I hope they have some left the day after Christmas at the Disney store. 
 I made it to the Fresh Market yesterday to buy my hazelnuts. Hazelnuts are expensive! They were $9.99/pound. Are these stores in other states? If you have one, you must go! They have some really rare items and everything is fresh. The husband was suckered into buying a cake for $18.99. When I objected our little Busy Bee (the youngest daughter) told me it was on sale! I ended up with  a caramel pecan cheesecake that was fantastic! My cheesecake was a piece not an entire cheesecake.  They carry a lot of German products. One in particular is Dr. Oetker. I purchased some vanilla sugar so I'd have plenty for these german cookies. $75 later we were on our way.  
 We stopped at Target for a coffee grinder to grind those hazelnuts. I found one that is red and matches my kitchen aid mixer. Are you beginning to notice that I love two things? Red and Mickey Mouse! I did not get any of my baking started as it was 9 o'clock by the time the tree was in it's spot and everyone had dinner. Today is my laundry day so I'm thinking I'll bake on Wednesday or Thursday. The husband will be home one of those days to help with the German cookie I've never seen. 
 Oh! I charged the battery for my new camera and took a couple of pictures with it. I love it but will love it more once I really get comfortable with it. This is the first real camera I've owned. I have three digital cameras but none of this nature. Expect pictures to show up this week as I begin my journey of learning to photograph the things I love. 

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