Saturday, January 3, 2009

Two more days...

before my parents return home. We've had so much fun with them. The weather has not cooperated so we've not been to the skate park and all the kids want to get in the hot tub at night but it's been in the 30's at night. Other than that we have done everything we wanted to do.
My father and I always have projects planned months before he gets here. One was to get all of the baby clothes out of boxes, washed and donated. After carrying them all in the house and sorting them we reboxed them and delivered them. We donated about 600 items of clothes. Yes, I counted each peice! Then we went through old toys that the children no longer played with and donated them. It was a pretty good size tote full. Since we moved here in late June and I'd been in Oklahoma all of August I hadn't packed away all the boxes. I carried them to the attic stairs, father handed them to son who was in attic, he sorted them and stacked them neatly. My garage looks clean and that makes the husband much happier.
My mother tends to lay low while we do all this work. She spoils the children rotten and lets them do EVERYthing they want! (Bricks are now laying on my pool cover, want to guess who'll have to fish them out?) With my mother and her grandkids there are NO rules! My neighbor does video from her home so my mother brought tons of old movies to her. My neighbor will be blackmailing me soon as she watches each movie and turns them into dvd's. There was about 4000 hours of video total. I'm sure the next time I'm home we will be having a home movie night. I feel bad for our husbands and will be finding a way for them to do anything but sit through all that.
The oldest daughter raced a brat in our neighborhood on her scooter. Daughter won the race and the other little girl went home whining that she needed a bigger scooter. That night my daughter said this, "how much do you want to bet that Brat has a new scooter by tomorrow night?" 24 hours later and Brat has a new, faster scooter! I'm serious! Then a neighbor calls me and tells me that not only did Brat get a new and faster scooter 3 days after Christmas but she also convinced her parents she needed a cell phone!!! Can someone explain why a 9 yr old needs a cell phone??? Back to the scooter (hehe) my father and I are in the process of converting the daughter's into a bigger scooter with the same frame. I promise the daughter will be racing and winning in the near future. I'm from the country and my husband is the computer guru. This means I know how to put a motor and battery together and the husband can wire it to make it all run smoothly. This should be fun! :)
I hear my father making coffee so I'm going to share a cup. Have a wonderful weekend and Happy New Year to all!

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