Monday, February 9, 2009

I don't remember...

third grade be so intense. I spent all day today in my oldest daughter's class. We learned some Geometry, how to read a map, math skills in the computer lab, and several other things that have slipped my tired brain at the moment. It was exhausting and I want a nap. Of course it's time for homework so that won't be happening. The day just seemed much more crammed full of activities than I remember my third grade class being.
The past two weeks the husband and I have been working on our budget. We were told at our FPU class that it will take several months to get it all just right. I'm glad to know that because we are constantly changing ours right now. It's stressful but nice to have some real direction going on there. Another FPU class on Wednesday night and I haven't even begun my homework for last week. I'm the slacker in my own homework right now since I've been going to class with my girls for three weeks. I think I'll send them outside to play and I'll do last weeks homework while they play.
Thursday was my injection day. I had an epidural spinal injection in my L1. I don't think they are as bad now that I know what to expect. Although I've noticed I'm really sore for 3 days after the injection. I see the spine specialist in two and half weeks to re-evalute.
I hope that everyone in the blogger world is doing well this week. I see that Ravn is FINALLY home!!! Get well soon my friend. That's it for now

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The Proverbs Wife said...

I just love Dave Ramsey...and I don't use that terminology with any man aside from my husband.

My hubby introduced me to the Dave Ramsey TMMO and we are now DEBT FREE except for our mortgage.

If you don't do anything else, stick with the program and if you get off track just pick up where you left off.

Thank you for FOLLOWING my site.