Tuesday, November 18, 2008

The bug has hit me

One of my little punky children brought me a gift and not the kind of gift any mommy wants. Sunday I began to ache and feel terrible. Yesterday was a day full of sore throat, high fever, and achiness. I didn't get much accomplished yesterday other than being camped out on the sofa with a warm blanket. I guess I have the flu. My best friend has worked with a great doctor and called to suggest that I take 1000 mg. of vitamin C every four hours. I'll spare you the details as to when you stop doing that. Today I sipped warm jello, chicken noodle soup, and a Sonic cherry slush. My children have been very helpful the last couple of days. They are really growing up into fine little people. My son helped prepare dinner this evening and my girls managed to do their homework on their own. This is a major accomplishment for my daughters. I checked their homework and they did it correctly. I'm very proud of them! :)
I had planned to start a water aerobics class today but I refuse to leave my home with a fever. I'm sure the other people in that class appreciate that. Hopefully I will feel better quickly and start these classes. I'm really anxious to see how my back responds to the water exercise.
The husband has an employee dinner planned for next week. Of course that means that I have to prepare something and make the annual cinnamon rolls. So I have six days to get myself well. Thankfully I will not be making a huge Thanksgiving feast since it will only be the five of us this year. That's it for now. Tschüß

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Oklahoma Farmgirl said...

I hope you get well soon. I get a flu shot each year & that does the trick for me. Vitamin C will work wonders. Also, there is a wonderful homeopathic remedy "Oscillococcinum". I swear by this. It does work wonders for the flu. Nothing harmful in it. CVS, Walgreens, health food stores all carry it.
Get lots of rest, drink lots of liquids.

Thanks for stopping by to visit. Feel free use anything you like from my blog.

Take care dear girl!!

Blessed be...