Friday, November 28, 2008

A Thanksgiving Meme from Whisper in the Void

A) Home or somewhere else?

This is the first year we have ever been at home alone on Thanksgiving. The husband bought a 20 lb. turkey for just the five of us.

B) Anything out of the ordinary this Thanksgiving?

I normally cook for 20-30 people so it was a  bit strange.We have tons of leftovers

C) Will there be a football game on at your place?

Dallas Cowboys game and Texas A&M vs. Texas

D) Apple, pumpkin, or mince pie for you?

My pumpkin pie

E) Everyone at one table or is there a ‘B” table?

We were all at one table

F) Will someone say grace?

I had the honor

G) Who does the cooking?

I cooked all of the side dishes. The turkey and dressing was a husband/wife combo. I love it when the husband joins me in the kitchen.

H) What wish will you do on this virtual wishbone? That all my loved ones stay healthy, feel better soon and enjoy being surrounded by love.

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Oklahoma Farmgirl said...

Thanks for sharing. SOunds like you had a wonderful day!! I posted my answers over at my blog.

Blessed be...