Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Tuesday has been frustrating to say the least

On Sunday I saw this doctor that was the old school type. Ya know the kind that they speak and you nod and agree whether you agree or not. My back has caused me severe pain for three weeks. This doctor gives me naproxin and more muscle relaxers. I'm thinking it's been three weeks, they have had me on a medrol dose pack for five days, muscle relaxers and now this guy gives me naproxin???? I rack this up to 2 hours of wasted time on a Sunday. So today I go back and see MY doctor. He's a great guy, one who listens and truely wants to help his patients. I waited three hours today to see him. His diagnosis is that I need a spine specialist, another steroid pack (12 days this time), and some vicodin. He also said I have poor reflexes in my right knee. I guess that means there is something pressing on a nerve in my back. I'm not really sure. I've never taken vicodin so this could be interesting. I react strangely to medication so I hope the husband still loves me with all this medicine flowing through my body. He says I'm "easy" when I'm this doped up. I believe that was meant to be a compliment. I start my physical therapy on Thursday and see the spine specialist on Monday. Oh and there's a chiropractic visit in between those.
My youngest child is hypoglycemic. She was diagnosed when she was 15 months old. She is now seven. We treat her mostly by watching her diet carefully. The school nurse and principal have decided we should check her sugar levels three times a day for a month. They want to find out when she has low times so that we can adjust her snacks accordingly. I call the doctor for a prescription because testing supplies are NOT cheap. Insurance will pay for it with a prescription. I drive over to the doctor's office to pick it up and take it to the pharmacy along with my handful of scripts. Insurance won't pay for her prescriptions because the doctor didn't specify when her sugar should be checked on the prescription. Of course by this time the doctor's office is closed. I know three times a day but I'm NOT the doctor. Uggh Frustration has settled in.
While at Target getting prescriptions I decide to buy the cake pan my middle child has requested for her birthday. Talk about expensive!!! $39.99 for a cake pan! It's not just any cake pan either. It has two places to put the batter. One side is the bottom of a HUGE cupcake and the other side is the dome part of the cupcake. Once baked you ice the top of the bottom piece and stick the dome part on, then ice it however you wish. This will be a mega chocolate cupcake. Icing has yet to be decided. I'm not sure if my creative side will be coherent enough to do the whole piped icing look. We'll have to wait and see. She also wants multi-colored regular size cupcakes. Ya know where you make your batter, seperate it into small bowls, and add a different food color to each small bowl. Then you pour a small amount of one color batter in a cupcake liner and a different color on top. This makes the multi-colored look. I have a very good friend who loaned me a metal cupcake holder. It holds the cupcakes at different levels so this should display my creativeness well. As long as I don't fall asleep in the cupcakes!
So $39.99 for a cake pan, $10 for invitations for 24 chatty children, and $15 for prescriptions is what I spent today. This does not include all the gas I spent driving to my doctor, then to youngest child's doctor, getting lost and ending up at the boardwalk, and my trip to Tarjay. My justification with the cake pan is the youngest daughter will undoubtedly love my creative cupcake and want one for herself in February. I almost forgot I cheated today and spent $6 at Sonic for myself some lunch since it was 3:30 when I left the doctor's office and my banana and milk breakfast was long gone. Yes, I could have lived without the cake pan but at least I'm not just buying my daughter a cake like so many parents do. As far as Sonic well, I was hungry and I cheated. Tomorrow is a new day and I'm determined to get better at this whole spending thing. I took all my credit cards and sealed them in an envelope and put them in my safe. I can't use them if I don't carry them in my purse. Hey, it's a start! Baby steps towards my goals.
I'm feeling quite drugged so tonight we are having the supreme pizzas from our Angel Food Ministries box. I will pair it up with a nice green salad and fat free italian dressing. The kids will have some orange slices from our fruit box. My husband loved the teriyaki beef stir fry last night and was happy to have the leftovers for lunch. He says I scored lots of points with that meal. That makes me a happy wife! :)
My son did pack his lunch this morning. A ham and swiss sandwich, an apple,some chips ahoy bites, and sour cream and onion chips. He came home starving and begging for extra cash in his lunch account. Maybe he's learning something here. I'm going to make him continue with this lunch packing thing for a least a couple of weeks. Of course I'll let him pack himself much more food than he did today.
I hope someday that I will have some readers to this blog I've created. I know my husband reads it. I'm not sure if that is a good or bad thing but he's at least paying attention so he gets mega points for that! The husband makes me feel alive and gives me reason to get up and try to be better each day. I'm truly blessed to have such a supportive, wonderful husband. The best part is he's ALL mine! Tschüß

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ravn said...

Oh u have a reader! A verry young norwegian! I stubled unto your blogg a couple of days ago..and I like it :)

love Ravn..