Monday, October 6, 2008

Okay I'm new to this and admit I get distracted often by my family

My middle daughter really has to study to ace a test. I mean like hours every night and even then she's excited over a C! I spent most of the week going over all this ancient greece stuff with her. I'm happy to report the test was today and she thinks she did really well. Even went as far to say she knew ALL the answers.
I met with the spine specialist today. He did a ton of x-rays of my spine and hip. He believes I have a pinched nerve but wants me to continue with physical therapy and seeing the chiropractor. He gave me more vicodin, valium and robaxin. At least I'm well drugged til he sees me again next month. His goal is to get me feeling better in a month, if not we'll proceed with doing an MRI. Costly even with insurance so we're trying the above mentioned first.
I went to physical therapy on Thursday. My therapist is great and he's good looking! (always a plus, right?) I actually had an almost pain free day on Saturday. Enough so that I enjoyed some wine and some awesome blueberry martini's with the husband. Our daughters were away for a sleepover and we just had our eleven year old son. He thought it was hilarious to see his mom let loose. (This does NOT happen often, he's never seen me that way) I was responsible and didn't drive but I said many things I should not have said in front of him. LOL I did tell him that it's okay to drink when you're old enough just DON'T DRIVE! It was a great night! Since I'm the clumsy one and both my boys (the husband and the son) were concerned that I might fall down the stairs, the son bear hugged me from behind and due to my alcohol consumption I fell backwards on top of him. We all laughed til we cried! Good times here in my home! The son is really growing up. More so than I realize most of the time. We fed our albino leopard gecko and he looked at both of us and said, "I'm going to bed and I don't even want to know what you two are going to do!" Yes, I totally died of laughter. My baby boy will always be my baby boy but he is growing into a fine young man. His progress report came home with all A's and one B. Yep, I'm a proud mama tonight!
As far as the budgeting is going...hmm well, we've really blown it lately. Especially with all those martini's on Saturday night. I had the wine with a good friend in her home. We are eating from our Angel Food box. I made cheese bratwurst, baked beans, and my youngest and I had a steamed artichokes tonight for dinner. I tried baking the french fries and ended up covering them with bacon and cheese. Somethings just weren't meant to be baked. I put together a really great salad on Friday evening. It was the breaded chicken chunks from the box, dark lettuce, real bacon bits, cucumbers, tomatoes, and homemade ranch dressing. I learned my lesson with the fries and just broke down and fried the chicken chunks. Everyone ate well so I guess I did well. Last night I was in a lot of pain (not the hungover type either) so the husband ordered pizza for the kids and himself. Pizza has gotten expensive! $40 with delivery and tip included!
Now the best part. Don't just love when you're trying to save, you're blowing it and then your extra refrigerator that holds all your frozen fruit for smoothies, all frozen vegetables dies. I believe it died on Wednesday night but I didn't find it til Thursday afternoon. So we lost everything! I must mention there was no cold german beer for the husband after his long and stressful day. Not a great day but we've got love to pull us through. $268 later I'm happy to report that my fridge is back in working order. We have no fruits and veggies but tons of cold german beer. The husband was born in Berlin and occasionally just needs a taste of home. Priorities, priorities!
It's been an expensive past few days. I got a little caught up with keeping up with the Jones' this week and called my Daddy to vent. The girl across the street had her birthday party this past weekend. Her parents spent $500 dollars on a Justice makeover party and then did a sleepover with fondue and fresh fruit. I was feeling a bit defeated since they knew my daughter was having a sleepover/makeover party and they were outdoing me. Well, my father being the wonderful man he is sent me $500 and said "give my grand daughter a party she'll never forget!" On Wednesday the middle child is going to Glamour Shots for a birthday makeover and photo shoot. Then we'll continue on with our birthday party plans. I'm still baking her cake cuz I just think that's the motherly thing to do and I'm weird like that. I like things to be personal and think it will mean more to them when they are older to remember their mother took the time to bake their cake and decorate it. Maybe I'm right, maybe I'm wrong. We'll just have to wait and see. Oh and my little sister is flying in for the makeover/sleepover party. My daughter has no idea her Aunt Airwa is coming! I need all the help I can get. I was a tomboy and can dress the part of a lady when I must but for the most part I'm just a mom in my workout pants, nike t-shirt, and nike+ shoes. My sister has always been the girlie girl type so she'll really be a big help at this party. All that to say this: I love my Daddy and was speechless when I received his cashola and instructions. Those who know me well (and you readers will soon figure out) know I'm rarely speechless.
Well, it's almost 10 p.m. the husband is still at work. He just called to inform me that he ate leftover pizza for dinner at work and now feels awful that his wife cooked and he ate crappy cold pizza. So I need to go pack him a lunch for tomorrow that will include what was suppose to be his dinner. Kids are in bed FINALLY! Now it's my relaxing time but first I must clean the kitchen and set out the kids clothes for tomorrow. Ahh the work of a slave err mom is never done. I promise to get better at this whole blogging thing for those that aren't snoozing on their keyboard after this extremely long post.
This post would not be complete if I didn't mention my Oklahoma Sooners are still #1 and killed Baylor on Saturday! BOOMER SOONER and Gutenacht! I should probably translate some of my german....gutenacht=goodnight, Auf wieder sehen=so long or see you, or bye and Tschüß basically is german slang or an informal goodbye.

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