Wednesday, October 22, 2008

I'm back even though it took me FOREVER to get here!

The funeral was Friday afternoon (October 17). I did NOT get to go home and my sister chose to stay home and attend the funeral. I was really devastated by her decision but since have come to realize she made the right decision. My sister and her husband hold pastorial duties within their church and felt they needed to be at home with our family through this difficult time. I respect them for that but sometimes wish they'd just choose me. I know that's selfish! My aunt has sent me a dvd of the funeral. This seems strange and gross but I'm going to try my best to watch since they've all told me what a beautiful and perfect service it was. I made it very clear to the husband that I do NOT want my funeral video taped!
Now to the birthday party...Friday was extremely difficult for me. I ended up taking a valium about the time my family arrived at the church. I was actually able to focus on finishing up my cake and preparing my home for the party. My daughter had a wonderful time! There were 22 children total and only one boy from her class. I felt so sorry for that boy since I had sent my son to a friend's house for the evening. He was a trooper and survived all those girls chasing him. (In a few years he'll realize just how lucky he was to be the only boy) My cake turned out wonderful! I'm not sure how to get pictures here. I'll work on that with the husband tomorrow. After everyone left but the six girls that were spending the night we did makeovers. The girls seemed to love putting on makeup and having their nails done. I had bought those foam type squares to make picture frames with so the girls decorated them and the husband printed off their group photo so that everyone got to take a picture home of them all made over. We watched movies, ate pizza and popcorn until 3 a.m. I suddenly realized I am no longer in my 20's :( I did survive however. The first girl was wide awake at 7:45 which means by 8 they were all awake and hungry. I served them waffles and sausage links with Sunny D. The last girl left around noon. Which meant I had just enough time to shower and get my girls to Mrs. S's house and get to the airport to get my daughter's last surprise (my sisters arrival). I rushed and made it! So my sister and her husband arrived around 2:20 Saturday afternoon. I hid them in the back of my Tahoe and picked the girls up. They crawled in the truck to find their aunt and uncle in the back. They were so shocked!
Somehow I managed to stay awake the rest of the day and we went to dinner at Bone Fish Grill. My daughter chose the restaurant. The food was excellent but our service was LOUSY! So bad that the manager took half off our meal. That definitely made up for it and we will go there again. If you have Bone Fish in your area, try it! The house salad is wonderful as is the filet. They have a shrimp appetizer with feta cheese and black olives that is really tasty too. My daughter made my sister do her hair and make up for the night. LOL She wore a tiara to dinner which was too cute and drew lots of attention.
Sunday was a busy day as well. Daughter got tons of gift cards and my sister loves to shop! So off to the mall we went. I was proud of the daughter because she chose to get NEEDS instead of wants with her money. (This means my desire to be thrifty is rubbing off on the children even though I've yet to stick to my budget!) She ended up buying a sweatsuit outfit and a jacket at Tarjay, a purse with lip gloss at Claire's (it's hard to do NEEDS there). She still has about $90 to spend but we had shopped till we dropped. I'm sure I'll be suckered into more shopping in the coming weeks. Several gift cards were for Barnes and Noble, Books a Million so that will be on the agenda next. This child loves to read!
Monday we had lunch with the girls at their school. We walked in and smelled cafeteria food and decided to pass on actually eating and just sit with them. They had a good time with their aunt and uncle at school. Once that was over, the sister and bil wanted pizza so we headed to Athens. It's a little greek restaurant here that is known for great pizza. They did not dissapoint. We had a greek salad and a greek pizza. Then it was time to get home to get everyone from the bus stop. I had a chiropractor's appointment at 4. My sister stayed home to do homework with the girls. That was disasterous. My sister has no children and was completely clueless. I returned home to the kids being outside playing and no real homework completed. That evening we chose sushi for dinner. We went to a place called Volcano. It was really good and they accomodated my sisters refusal to eat anything raw. She's from the midwest and weird like that! The bil, husband and I ventured out and ate the raw stuff which was really, really good. The daughters had asian barbecue chicken and chicken teriyaki. After that meal we drove them around to show them all the tunnels and shipyards around here. My bil had never been to the east coast so they wanted to see all that. It was a LONG day but somehow I managed to survive my sleep deprivation to be a good host. Or at least I'd like to believe I was a good host!
My sister being my sister booked the earliest flight she could for Tuesday morning. We were up at 4 a.m. and out the door by 5 so they could be at the airport by 5:30. I dropped them off and returned home to the comfort of my bed! I slept all day yesterday. FINALLY! I so needed some rest. I didn't get out of bed til the kids were arriving home from school. I even went back to bed after they were all home. I got up about 6 and made them dinner(LOL the husband brought home Arby's) and started homework. We all made it to bed before 10 and I actually slept all night last night too.
My chiropractor (pyrocractor is what my girls call him) is doing a new protocol on my sciatic nerve as of Monday. It is really working. My pain level has gone from 7-9 to 3-5. It's amazing. Of course I missed my physical therapy appointment yesterday due to sleep so we'll see how I am doing tomorrow after pt. The chiropractor has suggested that I go ahead with the MRI when I see the spine specialist on November 5. That will be most of the discussion that day I'm sure.
Today is normally the husband's day off. The owner of his company has been in town since Sunday so he's not been off since last Wednesday. I'm truly in need of some down time with the husband. He hopes to have tomorrow off so hopefully I'll figure out how to post some pictures here and scan my daughter's Glamour Shots for an email to my father.
This post wouldn't be complete if I didn't speak a little football talk. My Sooners fell to Texas last week but pulled off a win this week. Last week Oklahoma State won against Missouri which moved them into the top ten. This weekend will be a great weekend for Oklahoma football!
I plan to do some posting with background information in it so that you all will feel like you know who I am, why I'm the way I am and all that stuff soon. Until then...much love!

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