Tuesday, October 28, 2008

A bit of the Pampered Wife's history

I grew up in small town Oklahoma. I was brought there by way of the womb. Yes, I'm adopted. I have always known and can't remember a day in which my parents sat me down and told me. My parents had been married for 13 years when they got me. Because of who my parents knew in the town and the fact that mother worked for the doctor who delivered me I was in my home at about two hours old! My parents were unprepared for a baby to say the least. I've been told that my father and aunt went to Wal-Mart and cleared the shelves! My mother was one of those lucky women who walked around wearing a size 0 with a new baby. So the parents calmed down, finally had their baby, things were good. When I was five months old my mother found out she was pregnant. So my sister was born when I was 14 months old. Everyone thought my parents were the happiest couple in town. Perfect house, perfect jobs, perfect cars, two beautiful baby girls, life couldn't get any better. I've always been the child who could sense when things weren't right and at the age of seven figured out my parents were NOT the happy couple everyone else saw them as. They seperated not long after that realization. My father owned his own business and my mother was a nurse. They both worked long hours and became quite selfish at this time in their lives. Enter in the grandparents...
My grandparents were/have always been such a blessing in my life. They lived less than a half mile from us on the outskirts of town. We rode our three-wheelers back and forth between our home and theirs. Anytime we needed anything they were right there. My grandmother was a solid christian woman who was always raising us with morals and faith. My grandfather was my favorite person on this earth! I was his baby and I had him wrapped around my little finger. The whole family knew it too. I truly believe I'm the woman I am today because of these two very special people in my life!
I grew up a pretty spoiled little brat. My parents always made sure we had the name brand clothes, best new bike, three-wheelers, scooters, you know the best of the best. They were so self absorbed that in our youth they forgot they were suppose to be raising children. This is nothing I have not said to their face and they still love me. So on the outside it looked like we had it all. On the inside our lives were very empty. This is something my sister and I have struggled with for many years.
My mother never dated during our childhood and my father had numerous girlfriends and a new wife before I was 13. The new wife didn't last long. I now know my mother had a boyfriend it was just kept a secret from us for many years.
At 14 I met a great guy at a youth convention with my youth group. He was 17, about to graduate and going to an Assembly of God college down south. Him going to a christian college to be a pastor was the only reason I was allowed to date at such a young age. We dated until about two months before my 17th birthday. Yes, I lost my virginity to a guy in ministry school.
By this time my mother had sold our family home, moved us in with her mother, and was spending more and more time with her boyfriend that lived two hours away. I think back on this time and think how much we needed our mother. As a mother myself I think about how my mother must have felt with just needing some adult interaction and wanting to live her life. Selfish yes, but I at least think I have some understanding. Through all of this, we still looked like a pretty stable family on the outside. Girls were always jealous of my sister and I's clothing, cars and other material things. What they didn't understand was how empty our lives were on the inside.
The next few months I became a little rebelious err maybe promiscuous is a better word. I'd had my heart broken by my first true love, didn't really care about myself and had no real home life to speak of. I think that was a pretty good combination to create all that happened next.

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