Sunday, October 26, 2008

Weekend Madness and some football too!

Those three hours of studying with middle child on Thursday night paid off in at least one department. Miss M. e-mailed me to say that the daughter made a 100% on her spelling test!!!! Wooohoooooo! You're probably thinking...a spelling test??? But this daughter is a horrible speller and we have to really study hard! I'm so proud of her! We also studied for a content test which was basically a few questions about what country you live in, continent you live on, inalienable rights, a few holidays matched with the month they happen, and naming the oceans. We won't know those test results until Tuesday. The matter test we studied for was postponed but you can never study TOO much, right?
Saturday morning was pick up day for our Angel Food Ministries boxes. The university was also having homecoming which made traffic a bit hectic. We finally arrived and got our boxes. This is such a neat offering to the general public. There are always plenty of men/women to help carry your boxes to your car for you. They all greet you with a smile and in general seem happy to be doing the work of God. I'm inspired each time I go there. I am pleased that this month's menu has NO mini chicken chunks that require frying. I hate to fry food! We bought our usual two main boxes, the fruit and veggie box, and a special meat box. There is a ton of food here for $102. My children were happy about the Hawaiian Punch and I was happy to have the pineapple. Tonight I made the meatloaf with gravy (most of the meals are not prepackaged), Corn au gratin, and mashed potatoes. The potatoes and meatloaf came from my food box. The rest of the ingredients were simple things I had around the house....milk, sour cream, bechamel sauce, butter, salt and pepper.
My oldest daughter (middle child) has come down with the stomach flu. She has been up vomiting since 6:30 a.m. Try telling a sick nine year old that it's Sunday and you want to sleep in! Ughh! The husband took good care of her til I woke up. She's been sick in every room and has finally settled in on the sofa with a cool wash cloth on her forehead and a trash can nearby. I hate it when the kiddos are sick. :(
Our home owners association is most of the time a PITA (pain in the a$$). Today they organized a Halloween parade. We are the new peeps on the block so this our first time doing this. My son is Ozzy Osbourne this year, youngest daughter is a candy corn girl (she chose this costume), and the sick daughter will be Hannah Montana. I'm rolling my eyes just typing Hannah's name! They divide the neighborhood by last names. Some bring snacks and some bring drinks. I was told there are some "adult" drinks as well. I sent the husband and the youngest to the parade while I prepared dinner. Our son is a bit old for a walk through the neighborhood on a Sunday afternoon in costume. He's saving his for the actual night. I believe he's next door playing x-box 360. I made orange cupcakes for the mini party after the parade. Decorated with whipped frosting and sprinkles. Not just any sprinkles but bats and pumpkin sprinkles! No wonder my neighbors calls me Martha!
It's been a pretty quiet day and for that I'm thankful. I wish my little girl felt better. Dinner is made and all that's left to do is get my wonderful son to load the dishwasher and I need to hang some clean laundry. I've started writing a rough draft of the whole who I am, where I come from blog so it'll make it here eventually.
Can someone please beat Texas University??!! Oklahoma State played a fantastic game against them but just couldn't pull it off so Texas remains undefeated. I have yet to see the University of Oklahoma game but did happen to see they won! BOOMER SOONER!
The husband and daughter are still at the parade that started at 4. I should probably go hunt them down and spoil their fun. Hope you've all had a quiet weekend. Bigg, I hope the meds are kicking in and you're feeling better. Bis zum nächsten Mal!

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